If you're having trouble signing into the InsertLearning extension here are three possible causes and ways to trouble shoot it.

  1. Chrome might be out-of-date. To check your version, open "chrome://settings/help" in a new tab. If your version is out-of-date, that should also give you the option to update.

  2. Your cookie settings are interfering with Google Sign-In. To check those, open "chrome://settings/content/cookies" in a new tab. If cookies aren't allowed or third-party cookies are blocked, this will prevent sign-in from working. To fix this, go to the bottom where it says "Allow" and click the "ADD" button on the right side of that same row. Add "https://insertlearning.com" as an allowed site and repeat for "https://accounts.google.com"

  3. Another extension is interfering. Open an incognito window of Chrome and go to https://insertlearning.com/v1/dashboard in that window. If you are able to sign in, then another extension is indeed causing the issue. To see what extensions you have installed, open "chrome://extensions" in a new tab. If you send us a list of the extensions you have (screenshots work) then we can help you figure out which particular extension is the culprit. support@insertlearning.com 

If none of these resolve your issue message us by clicking on the chat button in the lower right of our 

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