Allow students to become the teacher and share what they feel is important to share with others.

Students can use the InsertLearning extension to interact with any page just like teachers using the annotation and sticky note tools.  While students don't have the ability to add questions and discussions they can add them into a sticky note for you and classmates to view.  They can then turn in a share link to their lesson - here's a video on how teachers and students can share "view only" copies of their lessons.

Lesson Ideas:

  • Crowdsource upcoming lessons or units

  • Current events share out

  • Compare annotations on the same text

  • Share something they're passionate about (sports, music, nature, culture, etc.)

Instructions for students:

  1. Find an article you're interested in and is related to what we're learning in class.

  2. Add at least one video or image that reinforces a main point (sticky note)

  3. Add at least two questions or discussions that help the reader think critically about the text.  These question stems can help.

  4. Copy and paste your lesson share link (watch linked video).  Turn it in through (choose one: email, Google Classroom, LMS of choice).

Share with other teachers:

Share your "view only" lessons on Twitter/facebook/edmodo/schoology and help other teachers make the Internet their lesson.

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