Annotation Instructions:

Yellow: main ideas

Blue: supporting details

Green: Important facts and key vocabulary


Does the author try to persuade you in any way? How?

Can you identify the facts? The opinions?

How do statistics and data support the author's perspective?

Do you find the author's evidence convincing? Explain.

What new information did you learn? How can you apply this information to an issue or problem in today's world?

How did this new information change your way of thinking about this subject?

What words, phrases, or statements does the author use that caught your attention? Why? How did they make you feel? What did they make you think?

Did the author weave opinion and fact statements into the piece? Find examples of each.

Were there any photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, or diagrams that were important? Select two or three and show what you learned from them and explain why you believe each one was important.

Did the reading leave you with unanswered questions? What are these?

How did you connect to the piece? Was it personal? Was it an issue that affects your community and the world? Explain.


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