Without Google Classroom:

Give your students the class code (found in the Classes section of the dashboard) and instruct them to sign up by going to InsertLearning and signing in with their Google ID. While signing up students will be asked to enter a class code. Once they have done this they will see a list of assigned lessons. Students must install the InsertLearning extension in order to see the lesson you created.
Class Code

With Google Classroom Import

Import your student roster from Google Classroom.  This can only be done when you first create the class. If a student enrolls in your Google Classroom class after the import, InsertLearning will automatically add the student to your class when they click on their first InsertLearning lesson assigned through Classroom.

Creating a Class:

You can manually create a class on the Classes section of the dashboard or when assigning a lesson.

Removing Students:

To remove a student from your class go to Classes, click on the number of students in the class and then on the delete student icon next to their name.  This will remove all of their lesson work as well.

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